The Broke Bride Gets Broker

I know it has been a while since my last post...Times have gotten hard, and I mean hard. The dismal economy has finally trickled down to the Ecommerce store that I work for. I was told this week that the business may be going under in 2 weeks. Basically I have 2 weeks to find another job meaning the dream wedding is slowly looking more and more unreachable :-(

BUT, i refuse to let this bad situation ruin my childhood dream! Hopefully this will end up just being a small pickle in the broke bride punch bowl. So for now, Mission Plan the Perfect Wedding is temporarily going to be Mission Find a New Job! I'll keep you posted...

oh, by the way our wedding napkins came in and they are adorableeee! Ryan also surprised me with some disposable wedding cameras to sit on the tables at the reception. What a catch, huh?!

To support the broke bride who keeps getting broker, see below...


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