Can you talk about napkins for an hour?

BECAUSE I CAN! Me and Ryan litterally talked about napkins last night for an hour! The Knot was having a sale on personalized napkins and a Broke Bride can never pass up a good sale on unnecessary wedding accents. Well after an hour of deliberating color, size & whether we should include a date (since we don't know an exact date) we made our FIRST wedding related purchase! It felt good to actually feel like I finally accomplished SOMETHING pertaining to the wedding since I'm always talking about accomplishing something pertaining to the wedding! whew, one thing down, a million and one things left to do. NOW, I'm off to find somewhere to stuff 200 dinner napkins for 22 months. . .

Donate kind of sounds like Doughnut...and Doughnuts are awesome, so therefore, donating to a good cause is awesome too! Catch my drift ;-)


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