It's never to soon to "invest" in wedding magazines

Now, even though my wedding is scheduled for almost 2 years from now (which is tormenting when you're a compulsive planner like myself) I am determined that I will have this wedding paid for and fabulous when that date rolls around. So far, I have realized that a huge way to save oodles of money is turning any aspect of the wedding you can into a DIY project! Thanks to all of the $15 wedding mags I have been "investing" in, I have come up with a million and one ways to save money. As of right now, I am planning on making my own wedding invites, save the date cards, decorations, centerpieces, boutineers & bouquets and flower arrangments. I have also played with the idea of making my own tablecloths! Too far, I know. Don't worry. . .that idea went bust when my mom (an avid sewer) informed me of fabric prices. Well, ideas are still rolling in about what I could possibly create myself. I could always do my own hair and sacrifice the traditional french manicure at a salon for a simple paint job from the Broke Bride herself. And then I could just find time to make my own wedding dress, as well as outfit the entire wedding party while making the food and creating my own venue out of sticks and flowers and.....and...

Okay, I'm calm. I just can't help but wonder if it's worth it for me to be running around like a bride with her ring finger cut off at my own wedding?? I mean, the finished product would be beautiful (thanks optimism) but I would be so frazzled I wouldn't remember anything. Well there's always the expensive photographer to document the night. Hey, I minored in photography...that gives me an idea ;-)

as always, contribution never hurt anyone ;-)


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