Wait, You Danced to WHAT?!

So I was looking into wedding songs, ultimately "first dance" songs the other day and stumbled through the usual I love you songs and gushy mushy ballads until I saw where someone had danced to Against All Odds by Phil Collins?! Wait, What? Isn't that song about his first wife who LEFT HIM? oh people, people, people...if I can give any advice to someone reading this about a first dance song, it is Research Your Song! lol ugh, atleast I can be grateful that I have musically inclined friends and family to warn me if the song I choose has some hidden meaning about divorce and sadness.

Well, I haven't found a song I like just yet but I'm open to suggestions! Nothing cliché or to gooey, please. Any who, Thank you for reading & if you haven't seen it, there is a bright yellow button below that wants you to click it ;-)


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