An Officially Official Date!!!

WELL, it's official! We have "our" date :-) I will be Mrs. Ryan Stephens on September 10, 2011! That's right, our date is Nine•Ten•Eleven...cute, huh? It's going to look awesome on our invites. I'm so excited but ridiculously stressed now that there is a deadline! So much to do and only 13 months to do it in. For today though, Im going to bask in the glory of having a set date since we have been playing around with different dates for months now.

Not only do we have a set date, but we also have a set venue! We will be married at the fabulousness which is Lillie Belle's in Franklin. It works out bc Ryan wanted an outdoor wedding, but I wanted indoor and Lillie Belle's has a beautiful covered porch out back! It's going to be great! They also have a groom's quarters and the whole upstairs is pretty much for the Bride and her girls so there is PLENTY of room! cant wait ;-)

13 months isn't a lot of time so ALL donations are welcome! :-) Have a Fab day!


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