What would we be without wishful thinking?


So last time I posted, My wishful thinking had me believing I had won some amazing wedding sweepstakes that would grant me two crystal toasting glasses and two all expense paid trips to a tropical island somewhere fabulous. WELL, I went to the bridal show where my presence was required to accept these special gifts. Ryan tagged along because he loves me that much AND it was required for him to be there as well. We sat through an hour long speech on pots and pans and how truly amazing this specific brand of pots and pans were. What made it even better was our host was experiencing his first pots and pans presentation. (He later told us he had just got hired a couple days earlier) Well, needless to say, it was veryyy awkward and I made it even more awkward with my horrible habit of laughing at the most inopportune times. I passed the hour reading pages upon pages of customer reviews online, brutally BASHING the very company that had their little soldier fighting for their product in front of us. After enduring 60 minutes of a poor guys first night at work, we received our THREE vouchers for free hotel stays in various places and our coupon to mail in and receive our toasting glasses. I mean it may not have been the most amazing freebie, but hey, A Freebie is a Freebie. We may still have to pay for transportation and food for the the hotel vouchers (and shipping and handling for the glasses) but for those 3 days 2 nights we are spending in the free hotel toasting with our toasting glasses, I can smile and thank my wishful thinking for getting us there.

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