Where Has the Time Gone?

So, I know it has been truly FOREVER since I last wrote. I have been a real blog slacker here lately, but it's only because I have been so busy. With work trips, doctor's visits and wedding dress shopping, I have hardly had a second to clue you in on the Broke Bride's latest broke excursions. The BIGGEST thing that has happened since I last wrote is I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!!!! Yes, I did. It's fabulous. It's beautiful. It's Princess-chic. Unfortunately, I can't show it on here since my fiance reads my blog posts. Just take my word on it, that it is the most amazing wedding dress you have ever laid your eyes on.

In other wedding news, I have found my wedding photographer! He is none other than the one and only Brett Warren! If you don't know him, you should be ashamed of yourself. He is only the most amazing photographer ever! Seriously, check out his Flickr account at. You will be blown away. You can thank me later...

Other than that, things have been running smoothly in the lives of the Broke Bride and her Soon-to-Be hubby. Other than the fact that he recently lost his job :-( We are being optimistic about it though. If you have any word on awesome Buyer jobs, let me know! Well, unfortunately, my first blog in a long time is short and sweet. I promise I will be more responsible about having regular blog posts. Check back often!!

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The Wind Beneath my Wings!

Thats right, my wedding planner is the wind beneath my wings...I had played with the idea of getting a wedding planner for a while but I just kept telling myself that I could do it all and I didnt need any help. Yeah right! Secretly I was freaking out because I knew that on the day of, I would be completely stressed out beyond belief. A wedding planner really wasn't in the broke bride's budget either. Well, out of nowhere, my venue coordinator calls me and says they have just hired an in-house wedding planner (Janie) and since I signed my contract before they hired her, I was not required to use her. I was intrigued enough to meet Janie though so I set up an appointment. She turned out to be AMAZINGLY affordable and super friendly! She eased my mind about sooo much and for the first time, I actually felt confident and excited about my wedding day! I can finally see things coming together because I feel like I have someone on my team that's as excited as I am about weddings. If I could give one nugget of advice to any newly engaged ladies out there, it would be: GET A WEDDING PLANNER! I mean, sure, even though she is ridiculously inexpensive, I could still use that money towards flowers and whatnot, but for the stress and anxiety she is saving me from, it is soooo worth it!

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An Officially Official Date!!!

WELL, it's official! We have "our" date :-) I will be Mrs. Ryan Stephens on September 10, 2011! That's right, our date is Nine•Ten•Eleven...cute, huh? It's going to look awesome on our invites. I'm so excited but ridiculously stressed now that there is a deadline! So much to do and only 13 months to do it in. For today though, Im going to bask in the glory of having a set date since we have been playing around with different dates for months now.

Not only do we have a set date, but we also have a set venue! We will be married at the fabulousness which is Lillie Belle's in Franklin. It works out bc Ryan wanted an outdoor wedding, but I wanted indoor and Lillie Belle's has a beautiful covered porch out back! It's going to be great! They also have a groom's quarters and the whole upstairs is pretty much for the Bride and her girls so there is PLENTY of room! cant wait ;-)

13 months isn't a lot of time so ALL donations are welcome! :-) Have a Fab day!

What would we be without wishful thinking?


So last time I posted, My wishful thinking had me believing I had won some amazing wedding sweepstakes that would grant me two crystal toasting glasses and two all expense paid trips to a tropical island somewhere fabulous. WELL, I went to the bridal show where my presence was required to accept these special gifts. Ryan tagged along because he loves me that much AND it was required for him to be there as well. We sat through an hour long speech on pots and pans and how truly amazing this specific brand of pots and pans were. What made it even better was our host was experiencing his first pots and pans presentation. (He later told us he had just got hired a couple days earlier) Well, needless to say, it was veryyy awkward and I made it even more awkward with my horrible habit of laughing at the most inopportune times. I passed the hour reading pages upon pages of customer reviews online, brutally BASHING the very company that had their little soldier fighting for their product in front of us. After enduring 60 minutes of a poor guys first night at work, we received our THREE vouchers for free hotel stays in various places and our coupon to mail in and receive our toasting glasses. I mean it may not have been the most amazing freebie, but hey, A Freebie is a Freebie. We may still have to pay for transportation and food for the the hotel vouchers (and shipping and handling for the glasses) but for those 3 days 2 nights we are spending in the free hotel toasting with our toasting glasses, I can smile and thank my wishful thinking for getting us there.

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And the winner is...

So, part of being a broke bride means I enter a lot of wedding infused contests to win, well anything I can that will help the broke bride budget. I have entered countless sweepstakes for various things but never thought I would get a call about any of them. Tonight I received a call saying I (yes me) had won a pair of crystal toasting glasses! woot woot! Then the delightful call center lady went on to tell me that if I chose to attend a wedding show at the Hyatt on Saturday then I will receive free tickets for a 3 day 2 night trip to the Carribeans. BUT i mean, it's probably a scam and they just want me to spend money and they will probably weasle their way out of giving me ANYTHING free, especially the crystal toasting glasses. I would be silly to go thinking I would get anything free right? stupid...silly...pointless to go waste an hour of my important Saturday night listening to someone try to sell me things that have to do with the potential amazing wedding.
ANWAY, guess where I will be Saturday? yep, I'm giving in and taking my chances on something free. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes!

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Still on the Hunt!

I've found that things just aren't as exciting in the world of being engaged when your wedding planning is on pause. Big Surprise! While the tentative job search marches on, I am still receiving multiple wedding/bridal newsletters daily which fulfills my wedding planning fix for the time being. While ogling over a newsletter from David's Bridal, I found this teasing awesomemess...a Ferrari Limo! The only one in the world as a matter of fact. Wishful thinking I know but it goes 0-60 in 6 seconds...and its a limo!! Talk about runaway bride!

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The Broke Bride Gets Broker

I know it has been a while since my last post...Times have gotten hard, and I mean hard. The dismal economy has finally trickled down to the Ecommerce store that I work for. I was told this week that the business may be going under in 2 weeks. Basically I have 2 weeks to find another job meaning the dream wedding is slowly looking more and more unreachable :-(

BUT, i refuse to let this bad situation ruin my childhood dream! Hopefully this will end up just being a small pickle in the broke bride punch bowl. So for now, Mission Plan the Perfect Wedding is temporarily going to be Mission Find a New Job! I'll keep you posted...

oh, by the way our wedding napkins came in and they are adorableeee! Ryan also surprised me with some disposable wedding cameras to sit on the tables at the reception. What a catch, huh?!

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My Perfect Pooch = Ring Bearer?

Okay, so tell me if I'm lame...I want my yorkie, Wang Foo, to be the ring bearer in my wedding. Now, he is a LITTLE rambuctious, but how cute would it be if he trotted down the aisle in his little doggie tux (as seen in the pic) and delivered our rings to us?! Part of me is screaming "What are you thinking Ashley?! You can barely teach that dog to aim on a puppy pad and now you want him to do a choreographed stroll down the aisle on your wedding day with two expensive pieces of metal??" Has anyone you know ever used their little poochie in their wedding? How did it go?

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Wait, You Danced to WHAT?!

So I was looking into wedding songs, ultimately "first dance" songs the other day and stumbled through the usual I love you songs and gushy mushy ballads until I saw where someone had danced to Against All Odds by Phil Collins?! Wait, What? Isn't that song about his first wife who LEFT HIM? oh people, people, people...if I can give any advice to someone reading this about a first dance song, it is Research Your Song! lol ugh, atleast I can be grateful that I have musically inclined friends and family to warn me if the song I choose has some hidden meaning about divorce and sadness.

Well, I haven't found a song I like just yet but I'm open to suggestions! Nothing cliché or to gooey, please. Any who, Thank you for reading & if you haven't seen it, there is a bright yellow button below that wants you to click it ;-)

Can you talk about napkins for an hour?

BECAUSE I CAN! Me and Ryan litterally talked about napkins last night for an hour! The Knot was having a sale on personalized napkins and a Broke Bride can never pass up a good sale on unnecessary wedding accents. Well after an hour of deliberating color, size & whether we should include a date (since we don't know an exact date) we made our FIRST wedding related purchase! It felt good to actually feel like I finally accomplished SOMETHING pertaining to the wedding since I'm always talking about accomplishing something pertaining to the wedding! whew, one thing down, a million and one things left to do. NOW, I'm off to find somewhere to stuff 200 dinner napkins for 22 months. . .

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Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh I wanna take ya...

As I was habitually flipping through magazines tonight, I repeatedly passed multiple ads with bright blue oceans & sparkling sand with scantily clad couples skipping jovially down endless beaches. Then I realized it...I haven't thought a single think about the honeymoon! So after giving it a think or two, I realized I just really don't care that much about a honeymoon vacay. Is that bad? I mean, I know it's tradition and a chance for a much needed and justified venture to a foreign beach that I can't pronounce, but (dare I say it) I would much rather have a relaxing weekend at home and then go back to work! I mean, we could go on a trip but maybe a couple months later?

but . . .

Maybe that's just the broke bride talking. I might let the broke groom handle the honeymoon vacay because as it seems, it's not really my thing :-)

Oh, and I would like to thank Bryanna for the words of encouragment! It really helps to hear a broke bride success story once in a while :-) Until next time....

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It's never to soon to "invest" in wedding magazines

Now, even though my wedding is scheduled for almost 2 years from now (which is tormenting when you're a compulsive planner like myself) I am determined that I will have this wedding paid for and fabulous when that date rolls around. So far, I have realized that a huge way to save oodles of money is turning any aspect of the wedding you can into a DIY project! Thanks to all of the $15 wedding mags I have been "investing" in, I have come up with a million and one ways to save money. As of right now, I am planning on making my own wedding invites, save the date cards, decorations, centerpieces, boutineers & bouquets and flower arrangments. I have also played with the idea of making my own tablecloths! Too far, I know. Don't worry. . .that idea went bust when my mom (an avid sewer) informed me of fabric prices. Well, ideas are still rolling in about what I could possibly create myself. I could always do my own hair and sacrifice the traditional french manicure at a salon for a simple paint job from the Broke Bride herself. And then I could just find time to make my own wedding dress, as well as outfit the entire wedding party while making the food and creating my own venue out of sticks and flowers and.....and...

Okay, I'm calm. I just can't help but wonder if it's worth it for me to be running around like a bride with her ring finger cut off at my own wedding?? I mean, the finished product would be beautiful (thanks optimism) but I would be so frazzled I wouldn't remember anything. Well there's always the expensive photographer to document the night. Hey, I minored in photography...that gives me an idea ;-)

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what this is all about . . .

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I had dreamed of the colors and the flowers and the dress! All I needed was the man of my dreams to sweep in on his white horse and take me to our amazing wedding in a far off castle where all of our friends and family were waiting on us!

well . . .

I DID find my prince and got engaged on May 15, 2010! BUT in the process of finding my fairytale I also found thousands of dollars in student loans, countless mechanic bills due to my lemon of a VW beetle & a variety of other un-fairytale situations that involved debt and a dwindling bank account. Needless to say, I found real life and my fairytale wedding date keeps getting pushed farther and farther back in order to pay for it! In reality, I'm not even in the running for a fairytale wedding anymore. It's turned more into, I'll take what I can get. . .which sucks.

so . . .

I decided to start this blog to document my trials in planning a wedding that satisfies my need for a royal wedding with the reality of my far from royal bank account. Hopefully writing about my journey to the alter will curb some of the stress that comes with it and maybe entertain a few people in the process. I am willing to do what it takes (with in reason...come on people) to fullfill my childhood dream & marry the man of my dreams.

stay tuned . .

oh, and feel free at anytime to contribute ;-)