You're Gonna Love This...


Okay, so it's been a few days since my last post. I have been maxing out my credit card on car repairs and upkeep. As you have read before, I wrecked my car in the snow storm a few weeks ago which racked up $1,000 worth of damages. Okay, it could have been worse and I'm thankful I'm not hurt, but it is still irritating when you have to save every penny to afford the wedding of your dreams.

The insurance adjuster called me the day before I was supposed to get my beloved VW bug back and let me know that one of my tires was about to blow because it had a split in it. Upon further inspection, there were two more tires that were on their last legs. "Luckily" I had had one tired replaced last month after it split in two while I was at work. Needless to say, I knew it was an absolute necessity to replace these forlorn tires asap or I would have a lot bigger problems than finding the perfect sash for my bridesmaids dresses.

Ryan had to work today, so I ventured to the Discount Tire alone and dressed as business-like as I could so I wouldn't get gauged in the price department. ( I thought it was best to go in looking like I knew exactly what was going on and had a degree in tires...) Five hundred dollars later, I walked out with three brand new tires to add to the variety of other new pieces to my car that I "love".

Upon leaving the tire place I got in a "what the heck" kind of mood and decided if I was going to spend all of my credit card "money" on car repairs, I was going to do it right. I had been putting off getting my oil changed for, well....about 5 months. (I know, I know) The Valvoline Instant Oil Change was conveniently only two streets away so I pulled in before I changed my mind and spent oodles of money on a high mileage oil change. I was feeling responsible about my choice until the head mechanic asked me if I had my "adhoifnaoien" changed or had any problems with my "aodfinbe". (That's how I heard it anyway...) After he translated it to English, I realized he was telling me that I had the wrong kind of Coolant in my car. Apparently, I'm supposed to have electric orange coolant, instead of the electric yellow coolant that was in there now. Heck, if I knew it was color coded, I would have made the right decision in the first place. Colors are sort of my thing. He told me it would be approximately $90 to get my Coolant flushed. Without giving it a second thought, I squealed my brand new tires out of that money trap and headed home.

Feeling powerful and fancy in my now, half new car, I called Ryan (who was now home from work) and told him I would come pick him up to try out my new tires/oil. On our way to town, my car started doing "weird" things. Okay, maybe I should inform you that I recently got a letter from Volkswagen (my favorite place...) saying that there has been a recall on my model and that I needed to bring my car in to get the "whatever" replaced. Basically, my car is not talented in the switching gears department and everytime it changes from one gear to the next, the whole car jerks like it saw a ghost. It started out to be not that bad but now, it has progressed to the point of making the "accelerating" noise when I am stopped at red lights.

I know I should have gotten this problem fixed a long time ago when they sent me the notice, but with the snow days, hospitalizations and car-less/sick days that have made me miss work, I haven't really been in the position to take a day off to spend with the Volkswagen mechanics.

So that is where I've been the past few days and what I've been doing. Fun stuff obviously...Wait, I did have a wedding associated activity this weekend! I got to meet up with my beloved wedding planner and friend/deejay, Justin at Lillie Belle's to discuss where he would be set up and what he would need to bring. The meeting went wonderful and it was great to see an old friend. Until next time....

Cupcake Tower is a Go, Save-the-Dates are a No!

So, here is the latest on the journeys of me, the broke bride. We went to Gigi's Cupcakes this weekend to discuss prices, cupcakes, etc. for our wedding. The Gigi's employees weren't completely informative and helpful, but luckily their prices for cupcake towers will fit into our wedding budget! Yay! We don't really have to make another move on this aspect of the wedding until a few months before so we will file this topic away for now.

In other news, my broken car is currently being fixed. Final total? $1,000 on my credit card and $200 compliments of Progressive. Gee thanks car insurance...Needless to say, I immediately changed my deductible to much less than $1,000 after hearing this total. So much for having a wreck-free driving career. I'm just thankful I'm safe and am still able to walk down the aisle in September.

Moving on, hopefully, I will get to meet with my fabulous deejay this week to go over pricing and what equipment he will need to bring on the day of. We were supposed to meet last week but the same weather that claimed my car's wellness, also put an end to our meeting. I'll let you know what happens!

Finally, thank you so much for your opinions on my Save-the-Date dilemma. We have decided to nix these cards and save the money for things such as favors and car repairs...Donations are gladly accepted below :-) Have a great week everyone!

The Hits Just Keep on Coming...


So, so sooo much to blog about. The good AND the bad, unfortunately. Well, for starters, I'm getting a lot done with the wedding this week! I meet with GiGi's Cupcakes on Saturday to discuss my wedding cake/cupcake tower. We are wanting a cupcake tower instead of an actual wedding cake because:

#1. GiGi's Cupcakes are our all time faaave desert. I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes out of NOWHERE (which sucks) so I haven't gotten to have these sugary treats as much as I would like here lately, but on my wedding day, I'm breaking the rules!

#2. Cupcakes just seem a lot easier for people to work with and we can have a few different flavors instead of one.

So we are pretty excited about meeting with them and seeing if we can afford their services. Also, we are meeting with our deejay this week at the venue to talk about where he will be set up and what kind of equipment he will need to bring. Originally we were thinking he could use the speakers and whatnot at the venue, but upon further investigation it turns out the speakers there suck (for lack of a better word).

Maybe, I should say we MIGHT be meeting with the deejay this week. As most of you know, a lot of the country is being tormented with snow showers and Tennessee is no exception. This is where I have to tell you about the bad news...Today, I wrecked my car. It will cost me AT LEAST $1000 to fix. This is thanks to the snow, btw. It started snowing quickly and accumulated even quicker. By the time I got home from work and turned on my street, the road was covered with dangerous whiteness. Well, needless to say, when I turned the wheel, my car did not turn with me and I skated across the road and hit the median. Frankly, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about getting my car fixed because I have no way to get to work and I definitely don't have $1,000 laying around to get my car fixed. The good part is that I am safe and I still have all of my limbs. That's all I really want to say about that right now because it is extremely upsetting on the wedding planning homefront.

Well, anyway, I'm hoping everything will work itself out and I'm hoping my car is safe because I had to leave it in a parking lot beside where I wrecked...

I'm always open for donations...especially now.

Are Wedding Nightmares Normal?

I'm not sure if this is a normal occurrence when planning a wedding or if I am just a kook. I have had nightmares before that related to my pending wedding day, but nothing like the one last night. Let me clue you in on what I was going through in dreamland:
Scene: My Wedding Day
Location: Some random house/hotel like dwelling that conveniently had a bar attached to it.
Everything was in place for the ceremony. I had my dress on and was prepared to walk down the aisle. Ryan was somewhere but I knew he was all suited up as well. My friends and family was there, some of which I haven't seen or been acquainted with in years. THEN, some mysterious person told me that plans had changed and I would have to wait three more months to have my wedding! In my dreamworld this was completely out of the question and i had it in my head that if I didn't get married THAT day, I wouldn't be able to get married at all.

Well, naturally, I was tormented in my dream. I even woke up panicking and stressed out. The dream kind of went on forever so I won't bore you on the random details. You are really only missing the part about the naked choir and my trip to the bar next door at 9am in the morning. Yeah, it was that kind of dream.

ANYWAY, is this normal? I mean, are these dreams going to ease up or do I need to get a prescription for Lunesta to get some decent shuteye? Anyone else had these wedding-mares?

To Save the Date or Not to Save the Date

After my much-anticipated meeting with my fabulous wedding planners, Janie and Allison, I have a decision to make. Ultimately, designing my wedding invites myself was a no-brainer since design is my career and my love. I had also decided to create coordinating Save the Dates that would warn my friends and family that the BIG day was near. It has been brought to my attention though that Save the Dates are not as popular or necessary as I once thought.

Apparently Save the Dates are more of a traditional aspect that a lot of young couples are deciding to opt out of. It's common to cut corners during wedding planning, especially for those of us who are funding the wedding ourselves. I'm just not sure if Save the Dates should be one of the corners that I cut. The money we spend on printing these date notices could definitely serve a purpose somewhere else, although designing these mementos would be fun and great for a wedding scrapbook. Eh, what do you guys think? Did you use Save the Dates? I'm horrible at making decisions...

Date Night with my Wedding Planner!

I'm going on a date with my wedding planner tomorrow and I'm SOOO pumped! It has been months and months since I have gotten to discuss my wants and must-haves to a professional. Ryan (the fiance) is a great listener, but he knows about as much about floral arrangements and centerpieces as I do about strength training and protein shakes. He will be tagging along on this Janie visit. Believe it or not, we are coming up with a lot of ideas together!

Our latest revelation was about the centerpieces. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am basically making everything myself so I wanted to come up with a centerpiece idea that takes minimal skill and quick turn-over time. I won't give the entire plan away, but I will tell you this: it involves lots and lots of gum balls....Hot pink gum balls. Oh yeah!

Hopefully at this wedding planner date, we will come to some sort of conclusion about the caterer. I got an e-mail from Chef Joe (referred to me by Lillie Belle's, my venue) and let's just say, it was less than what I asked for. I'm not very picky when it comes to the wedding food. In fact, I would be okay with a few plates of cheese cubes and a box of Ritz. Unfortunately, my guests will probably want something more than buffet idea.

Anyway, I expressed my feelings about wedding food to the Chef Joe and explained to him that money is tight and food is unnecessary so give us the basics and light on the meat (I'm a vegetarian). A few days later I get a sprawl of a menu that provides me with ONE option for an "Appetizer Wedding" and about five options for huge meals that cost up to $35 a head! Not to mention, there was a wide variety of dead animal choices for each option.

I have yet to reply to that crazy and let him know if I like the menu or not. I don't even know what i would say...Try Again? You're Getting Warmer? No, no no, I don't have time for that. He will go unanswered until I have a talk with my saving grace, Janie.

Well, that's all for now folks! I've got to go pick out what to wear on my date! Support the cause of me getting hitched by donating below...