Cupcake Tower is a Go, Save-the-Dates are a No!

So, here is the latest on the journeys of me, the broke bride. We went to Gigi's Cupcakes this weekend to discuss prices, cupcakes, etc. for our wedding. The Gigi's employees weren't completely informative and helpful, but luckily their prices for cupcake towers will fit into our wedding budget! Yay! We don't really have to make another move on this aspect of the wedding until a few months before so we will file this topic away for now.

In other news, my broken car is currently being fixed. Final total? $1,000 on my credit card and $200 compliments of Progressive. Gee thanks car insurance...Needless to say, I immediately changed my deductible to much less than $1,000 after hearing this total. So much for having a wreck-free driving career. I'm just thankful I'm safe and am still able to walk down the aisle in September.

Moving on, hopefully, I will get to meet with my fabulous deejay this week to go over pricing and what equipment he will need to bring on the day of. We were supposed to meet last week but the same weather that claimed my car's wellness, also put an end to our meeting. I'll let you know what happens!

Finally, thank you so much for your opinions on my Save-the-Date dilemma. We have decided to nix these cards and save the money for things such as favors and car repairs...Donations are gladly accepted below :-) Have a great week everyone!


Amanda said...

you could always do save the date emails. that's what my friends did. as long as you make a nice save the date (digital) card it can be really classy!

caroline said...

following from welcome wednesday blog hop!
hope you can follow me back.


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