Date Night with my Wedding Planner!

I'm going on a date with my wedding planner tomorrow and I'm SOOO pumped! It has been months and months since I have gotten to discuss my wants and must-haves to a professional. Ryan (the fiance) is a great listener, but he knows about as much about floral arrangements and centerpieces as I do about strength training and protein shakes. He will be tagging along on this Janie visit. Believe it or not, we are coming up with a lot of ideas together!

Our latest revelation was about the centerpieces. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am basically making everything myself so I wanted to come up with a centerpiece idea that takes minimal skill and quick turn-over time. I won't give the entire plan away, but I will tell you this: it involves lots and lots of gum balls....Hot pink gum balls. Oh yeah!

Hopefully at this wedding planner date, we will come to some sort of conclusion about the caterer. I got an e-mail from Chef Joe (referred to me by Lillie Belle's, my venue) and let's just say, it was less than what I asked for. I'm not very picky when it comes to the wedding food. In fact, I would be okay with a few plates of cheese cubes and a box of Ritz. Unfortunately, my guests will probably want something more than buffet idea.

Anyway, I expressed my feelings about wedding food to the Chef Joe and explained to him that money is tight and food is unnecessary so give us the basics and light on the meat (I'm a vegetarian). A few days later I get a sprawl of a menu that provides me with ONE option for an "Appetizer Wedding" and about five options for huge meals that cost up to $35 a head! Not to mention, there was a wide variety of dead animal choices for each option.

I have yet to reply to that crazy and let him know if I like the menu or not. I don't even know what i would say...Try Again? You're Getting Warmer? No, no no, I don't have time for that. He will go unanswered until I have a talk with my saving grace, Janie.

Well, that's all for now folks! I've got to go pick out what to wear on my date! Support the cause of me getting hitched by donating below...


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