Ready to Cruise

Guest post written by Pete Warley

The other day I was looking at one website after another trying to find good options for fixing up the house. I found some good options, and when the weather gets a little warmer, I am going to reach out to some of these places and get the house looking at good as it can be since I love to entertain. I live in very nice little suburban community, and I know I really shouldn't care too much...but I usually feel pressure to make sure that the house is looking as good as the other houses around mine. On another note, while I was looking for solutions, I came across some advertisements for Caribbean cruises. Wow...could you imagine?

I must say that taking a cruise would be an incredible way to bring in spring. I would go for a nice vacation, and when I come back, the weather would hopefully be much better. If that worked out, that would be a thing of beauty. I know it won't take much convincing to get my wife on board. If I can get her to say yes, I'm going to make the accommodations immediately. This could be my best idea yet!