A decision has been made…

I have FINALLY found the PERFECT dresses for my ladies in waiting! For months and months, I have been scouring the web looking for what I had in mind for bridesmaid’s dresses. Originally I wanted to get really wild, and mildly sexy with this important ensemble but as time has passed, my ideas have evolved and I decided to tame it down a little.

Do you realize how hard it is to find a hot pink, tutu-style dress? Well, let me tell you, this is an impossible fete. UNTIL, I stumbled across this glorious satin ball gown that met all my needs. It is short, but not too short; sexy but not flaunty; and came in my beloved hot pink! What’s even better, it is only $89.99! After a little debate (okay, a lot of debate) I turned my back on my go-to color and opted for a simple black instead. Well, I didn’t COMPLETELY turn my back on the girly hue. I’m adding a hot pink sash around the waist of the dress so my bff’s don’t look like they are in a funeral march.

Unfortunately, I can't post a picture of the amazing bridesmaid dress on here because the website won't let me steal their picture. lol But here is the link to check it out. Believe it or not, having made that one final decision has made me feel a tad bit relieved. It feels nice. Oh, I almost forgot…things have worked out with my venue, Lillie Belle’s, and everything is back on track. I’ve claimed Janie and her assistant as my caretakers/wedding planners and I have a meeting with them next week to hammer down a DEFINITE meeting with my caterer and discuss the details of THE day. Things are looking up…

Well, everything but my wedding fund is looking up so feel free to donate…Talk to you soon!

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend...Duh!

Although I have already received my gawgeous engagement ring from my hunky, I am still getting countless e-mails and whatnot from jewelry stores and engagement specials. (I'm really bad about unsubscribing from lists) As a woman, I am naturally drawn to shiny, beautiful things so every time I see these e-mails I am enticed to look through them and marvel at the glimmering glamour that are diamonds.

One website I recently stumble upon was Become.com. Now this site is your run-of-the-mill comparison shopping website. They have everything from big screen televisions to beautiful diamond rings. Apart from their many treasures, I was sucked into the diamond rings and that amazing prices they find! A 1.5 carat diamond cost upwards of $5,000 depending on the clarity. You can a 1.5 carat diamond ring, platinum, price around $2,000 or lower if you know how to search properly. If that is still too much for your budget, you can opt for a .50 carat diamond price of $99.00. How can you beat that? They really have something for every taste also. From blue diamonds to a 1.5 carat black diamond cost around $200 (like the one Big gave Carrie) can be found on Become.com.

You must go check it out for yourself and gaze at the brilliant stones! :-)

"Everything-Is-Going-Wrong!" Moments

Well, the New Year (aka my wedding year) is finally here and the stress of planning and paying for my wedding myself is starting to creep it's way into my psyche. You know you always see on wedding shows that as your wedding date moves slowly closer, more and more things start going wrong? Well, believe it or not, my "everything is going wrong" moments have already started and I have 8 months to go! Here is what's happened.

My beloved wedding venue, Lillie Belle's, has unfortunately been the cause for my stress and frustration. For starters, I have had to strangle a dolphin to try to get a meeting with the in-house caterer. I scheduled three meetings that were all cancelled on the caterers behalf. I like to think of myself as a rather easygoing gal so I let it go and decided to wait to schedule the meeting until this month since it was closer to my wedding date. A couple of weeks ago, I get a phone call from the owner (who is actually very kind and apologetic, but still...) telling me that they have decided to switch caterers to a man by the name of Chef Joe. The reason being, the original caterers (pause for suspense) were very hard to get in touch with! He preceded to brag on Chef Joe and promised and swore that the new caterer would be happy to meet with me anytime and would help me in any way he could.

Pleased with this new development, I immediately ran to my e-mail to schedule a taste-testing with Chef Joe. After searching on the Lillie Belle's website for some time, I couldn't find Chef Joe's contact e-mail anywhere (frustrating), so I e-mailed Bud who e-mailed me back promptly with the e-mail I needed. I automatically e-mailed Joe who replied shortly saying I needed to e-mail a girl named Sara. (Try to stay with me here...) I had no clue who Sara was so I asked Ole' Joe for her e-mail. He gave it to me and it turned out to be the in-house photographer's e-mail?! Now, why would I need to talk to the in-house photographer about the appetizers I want to serve?

At this point, I was a little exasperated and decided to e-mail my go-to lady, Janie, my wedding planner. If you look a few posts down, you will see that I met her at Lillie Belle's because she was their in-house wedding planner, which worked out perfectly because I was on the market for one. Upon our first meeting, she eased my mind completely and I referred to her as "the wind beneath my wings." THAT'S how relieved I was to have found a wedding planner that was 1.) Within my price range, 2.) Understood me and what I wanted, and 3.) Worked at my venue so she knew the ropes and people. I knew Janie would help me with the whole catering snafu. After I sent her an explanation e-mail about why I was in such distress, she responded with the WORST NEWS EVER!

Janie admitted that she no longer worked for Lillie Belle's......WHAT?! No one called me to inform me of this change. No one gave me a heads up to start looking for a new wedding planner. No one said "We've got your back, Ash. Don't Worry" (like Janie would have done). This was the point that I officially lost my cool.

I don't like confrontation and I don't like being mean, so my "heated" e-mail to the owner was probably not as harsh as it should have been. Hey, I'm a sweet southern belle! Thankfully, he quickly replied with many apologies taking the blame completely for my stress and worry. He said CHef Joe would be in contact with me, as well as the new coordinator, Summer.

This is kind of an open-ended story since nothing has really moved forward just yet with the catering meeting. I'm waiting on a reply from Chef Joe about a good time to meet.........
BUT I did talk to Summer and she seems very friendly but doesn't do NEAR the amount of things that Janie can do. So, I took matters into my own hands and told Janie I couldn't bear to lose her and well, she agreed to still be my wedding planner! Yay!

Hopefully all of my "everything is going wrong" moments are done now...yeah right! I'll let you know when I hear from the mysterious Chef Joe.

Donate to me affording the amazing Janie below. :-)